Frequently asked questions

Pain is not a desired sensation during an acupuncture treatment. A feeling of heaviness, warmth, or tingling are more common descriptions.

People may see an acupuncturist for a variety of conditions, from indigestion to shoulder pain. Some of the more commonly treated conditions are:
Psychologically related conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia
Digestive problems such as acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, etc.
Menstrual issues such as PMS, amenorrhea, irregular menstruation, etc.
Overall low energy and fatigue
Pain anywhere in the body including headaches, migraines, sciatica, and injury.

Watch this video here, it offers the perfect explanation.

Acupuncture from a properly trained and qualified practitioner is very safe. There are very few side effects from acupuncture when practised by a licensed practitioner of traditional acupuncture. Any minor side effects that can sometimes occur, such bruising around needle points, are mild and self-correcting.

When you receive treatment from a registered acupuncturist you can be confident that your wellbeing and safety is of upmost importance. Your acupuncturist uses only pre-sterilized single-use needles which are safely disposed of after your treatment. Registered acupuncturists have full medical malpractice and public/product liability insurance coverage

Number and frequency of treatments is dependant your individual needs. Your personal plan will be discussed at your initial consultation.

Please look over our cancellation policy here. We require a minimum 48 notice to cancel or change appointments, as this time slot has been held specifically for you.  Please call

+1 (778) 400-6360

for assistance.

As a licensed acupuncturist providing a medical service, Stefanie does not accept personal tips for her services.

Yes, we direct bill most insurance providers

There is free parking in the parking lot behind the building, as well as ample free street parking.