Proper Elimination to Balance Hormones

What does proper elimination mean?

To ensure proper elimination, a few key organs/systems in the body play a major role.

The liver, large intestine, skin and lymphatic system.

You might be thinking – what do these organs have to do with hormones? While they don’t produce hormones in the body, they are part of the integral system that helps metabolism and eliminate extra and unused hormones out of the body.

As human beings in the 21st century, we are exposed, now more than ever, to external hormones or hormone disruptors. Therefor, proper elimination is essential.

Some of those external hormones can be found in the food we eat, the medication we consume, the body products we use, and the cleaning products we are exposed to.

The bodies natural detox system

The body is intuitive and functional, and set up to properly eliminate on its own.

The liver breaks down hormones into smaller molecules and travel to the large intestine. There, they will bind with the food we’ve eaten and be limited via the stool.

The skin, the largest organ of the body, eliminates excess waste via sweat.

The lymphatic system clears cellular waste from the blood stream (lymph nodes are a concentration of this action)

Talking about poop in Chinese medicine

If you have been in my office, you have likely shared with me the frequency, colour and texture of your stool.

This is a major diagnostic tool to let me know the health of these elimination organs in your body.

Observing the stool is a daily opportunity to observe what is happening inside.

Importance of elimination

When the pathways of elimination are blocked, congested, or not functioning optimally, your body cannot get rid of toxins and excess hormones.

Increase of toxins in the body or higher levels or hormones can, of course, be disrupting to overall hormonal health in the body.

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