Handcrafted Sore Muscle Salve

Handcrafted Sore Muscle Salve

I have been working more and more with herbal medicine these days, working on ways to incorporate it more into my practice with my clients while making it affordable and accessible.

I have just finished making a skin and muscle salve.

A salve is a medical ointment for healing.

This sore muscle salve is great for bruising and muscle tension – perfect for after a cupping treatment!

I used the solar infusion process, which means I soaked my chosen herbs in olive oil for one month, where it was heated slowly by the sun for 30 days. I chose to use arnica, calendula, safflower and angelica for their wonderfully beneficial properties.

Arnica – great for treatment of bruising, swelling, arthritic pain, soft tissue injury and sore muscles

Calendula – anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, calms muscle spasms, helps speed up recovery of skin wounds

Safflower (hong hua) – control muscle spasms, soothes menstrual cramps, promotes blood flow and movement which creates healing

Angelica (dang gui) – improves blood circulation to areas of trauma or stagnation, reduces swelling and inflammation

As with any herb use for medicinal purposes, frequency with use is important. Small and frequent application works best. For an acute ailment, topical application 3-6 times per day is recommended. For general massage apply as desired ūüôā

$10 per jar.

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